Technical Qualifications

TSA and its associates have more than 80 years of U.S. and international experience in oil and gas (E&P) operations, produced water and oilfield waste management, underground injection control (UIC) engineering, water flood, regulatory compliance and carbon management/injection/disposal of CO2 for both enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and geologic sequestration (GS) applications.

TSA’s expertise in Petroleum Engineering and Oil and Gas Field Management covers the following areas:

  • Drilling – Well hydraulics, mud design, casing and cement design.
  • Completion – Casing/tubing/packer design, recompletions/workovers, stimulation/fracturing.
  • Reservoir – Well testing/pressure transient analysis – Fall-off, Step-rate test (fracture gradient determination), injectivity tests.
  • Water flooding/EOR/Water-alternating-gas – WAG/operations.
  • Well Logging – Open-hole and cased- hole logs, Resistivity/SP, neutron/density, MWD/LWD operations. Water Flow/Oxygen Activation logs, Temp surveys, Borax-PNL surveys etc. Cement evaluation – CBL-VDL/USIT/CAST-V/SBT/Isolation Scanner logs, caliper logs for corrosion/erosion purposes etc.
  • Reservoir mechanics and operations – of oil and gas fields and production/water flooding/enhanced oil recovery/ water-alternating-gas (WAG) and reservoir drive/depletion mechanisms.
  • Oil and gas production and injection/disposal wells - Well design, construction, operations, stimulation/hydraulic fracturing, and artificial lift techniques and plugging and abandonment. Computer-literate and the ability and knowledge to be on-site at the rig and make decisions relating to the entire drilling and completion operation of new oil and gas production and injection/disposal wells in consultation with client/operator and service company representatives.
  • Regulations – TSA has an in-depth knowledge of state and federal regulations (U.S.) and also a good knowledge of global regulations e.g. North Sea) pertaining to the production of oil and gas resources and protection of the environment and drinking water resources.
  • Solids Injection/Fracture Slurry Injection – TSA has considerable experience working on disposal of solids including drill cuttings/muds etc. in Alaska.