A brief listing of TSA's major projects since 1995 are given below:

  • Provide engineering/permitting support for a CO2 storage (Class VI well) for a CCUS project in Indiana
  • Provide engineering/technical support in developing a Report on Well Engineering of CO2 Storage Wells for IEAGHG.
  • Provide engineering/permitting support for Class I and Class II grind and inject injection wells to a major operator in the Cook Inlet area of Alaska
  • Provide consulting support in updating the Model Regulatory Framework for onshore hydraulically fractured oil and gas wells
  • Provide engineering/contract support to plug and abandon an oil well in WY and remove surface equipment for the Bureau of Land Management, Lander, WY office
  • Provide engineering support to a National Oil Company (NOC) in reviewing the current state of art for successful exploitation of tight gas reservoirs with an emphasis on fracturing/completion strategies.
  • Provide engineering support to a NOC in reviewing the current state of art for CO2 flooding for Enhanced Oil Recovery.
  • Provide expert testimony support and deposition in an oilfield due diligence case – well control incident in an active CO2 flood in a Lower 48 state.
  • Provide subject matter expertise on oil and gas wells – permitting, construction, monitoring, drilling and completions (including hydraulic fracturing) as a subcontractor to a federal agency. The project is to integrate and develop a database for all oil and gas wells regulated by the federal agency on federal and Indian lands.
  • Provide technical/engineering support to a federal agency to assess the integrity of a nuclear waste repository from future oil and gas drilling and production activities.
  • Provide technical/engineering and regulatory support to a federal agency on all aspects of UIC program needs – well construction, cementing, well integrity, testing, monitoring, permitting and record-keeping. Program support has been provided in the states of Alaska, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and New York on consecutive multi-year contracts.
  • Provided on-site consulting support to a federal agency (at rig-site from spud through completion) on new wells drilled for drilling muds/cuttings and produced water disposal/injection on the North Slope of Alaska.
  • Developed a report on Class II (CO2-EOR) and Class VI (CO2-GS) wells for a consulting company in Texas.