Private Sector Projects

  • Provide engineering/permitting support for Class I and Class II Grind & Inject (G&I) injection wells in Kenai Gas Field, Alaska for a major/independent oil and gas operator.
  • TSA is providing consulting support in the review and update of the Model Regulatory Framework for Hydraulically Fractured Oil Wells – Onshore U.S.
  • TSA has been awarded a contract to develop a Report on Well Engineering for CO2 Storage Wells by the International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas (IEAGHG) office, United Kingdom. The Draft Report is currently under preparation (late 2017).
  • Prepare various technical documents to ASC, Houston in the area of unconventional tight gas reservoirs with emphasis on state-of-art review of drilling/completion and fracturing/stimulation practices. Also prepared a document on state-of-art review of CO2 flooding for enhanced oil recovery.
  • Due Diligence for purchase of commercial Class II injection facilities in Weld County, CO and training on Class II wells operations and regulatory permitting and reporting to federal and state agencies.
  • Prepare and obtain approval from state agency for Uranium producer in WY for a Class I injection facility.
  • Provide engineering/technical support to an oilfield chemicals company to help operator optimize/improve injection well performance for Class II wells in CO that dispose of produced water and flow-back fluids after hydraulic fracturing operations.
  • Provide case review and expert testimony support and Due Diligence review to a Law Firm related to a CO2 flood well control incident in a Lower 48 state.
  • Develop report for consulting company in TX on Class II – EOR and Class VI – GS wells for CO2 injection.
Private Sector Projects